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Promoting awareness is the first step to preservation

HB527 - 2010 Regular Session (Act 707)

Author: S.JONES


ACT 707

Updated: 6/29/2010

Summary: CEMETERY/HISTORICAL: Provides for the creation of the Louisiana Historic Cemetery Preservation Act (EN SEE FISC NOTE SD See Note)

HB527 Act 707

HB527 Enrolled

HB527 Reengrossed

HB527 Engrossed

HB527 Original

Fiscal Note - HB527 Enrolled

Fiscal Note - HB527 ReEngrossed

Fiscal Note - HB527 Engrossed

Fiscal Note - HB527 Original

Resume Digest for HB527

Summary of Senate Amendments to HB527

Senate Green Sheet Digest for HB527

Digest of HB527 Reengrossed

Digest of HB527 Engrossed

Digest of HB527 Original



House Vote on HB 527, CONCUR IN SENATE AMENDMENTS (#1857)

Senate Vote on HB 527, FINAL PASSAGE (#1762)

House Vote on HB 527, FINAL PASSAGE (#538)

Senate Legislative Bureau Amendment, #5209, BUREAU, Adopted

Senate Committee Amendment, #4388, EDUC, Adopted

House Floor Amendment, #3668 (184), Jones, Sam, Adopted

House Floor Legislative Bureau Amendment, #2165, Waddell, Adopted

House Committee Amendment, #3011, MPC, Adopted

From the Louisiana Legislature Web Portal, December 4, 2010, Louisiana Laws SB 527 ;)