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Promoting awareness is the first step to preservation

Louisiana Cemetery Preservation on

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Donate to Louisiana Cemetery Preservation

Abandoned, neglected, and unknown cemeteries in Louisiana deserve to be respected with appropriate fencing, signage and maintenance. Many cemeteries in Louisiana are lost through neglect and abandonment. Help make your parish cemeteries historical reflections of your community by promoting volunteer clean up activities and local fundraising events. History begins with you.

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  1. Louisiana cemeteries are endangered and often neglected.
  2. Supporting Louisiana history through an online community with respect for the care and maintenance of Louisiana cemeteries
  3. Organization and volunteer support through the local community and local community contacts.
  4. Search Guidestar for more charitable causes like this one with the terms, "Louisiana Cemeteries"
  5. OR

  6. Search for Louisiana cemetery organizations that are listed on the IRS website - :

  7. Check the circle, "Have filed Form 990-N (e-Postcard)" with the word "cemetery" in the Name field.
  8. Then choose the state of Louisiana!
  9. Click on individual names of organizations for their physical addresses. As of September 15, 2012 there are over 271 listings. You may also view here:


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Welcome to the cause! We're excited to have you, and hope you'll get involved and spread awareness by inviting your friends to join.

Louisiana Cemetery Preservation is NOT LISTED on Guide Star, but our cause is!

If you would like to make a donation to this website, wiki, and blog in support of promoting an awareness of Louisiana's cemeteries, please use our PayPal at the button above.

  1. To make donations to Save Our Cemeteries on their website:
  2. To make a donation to another cemetery please visit the Guidestar website and type "Louisiana cemetery" in the search box under Non-profit:
  3. GuideStar offers a means of accepting donations through Facebook on Causes. The Facebook causes application utilizes the Guidestar website and Network for Good. There are many Louisiana cemetery organizations listed on Guidestar. Here is a little more information about how donations get to the charity of your choice.

    How does the money get to the organization of my choice?

    Network for Good works through VeriSign to get payments from your credit card, PayPal, and/or bank accounts. If the charity you recommended has provided its electronic funds transfer (EFT) information to Network for Good, your donation will be electronically transmitted through secure servers to the charity's bank account. If the charity has not provided EFT information, Network for Good will mail a check directly to the charity. Donations are sent to charities on the 15th of each month. Thank you for promoting awareness of Louisiana's historical treasures - Louisiana Cemeteries.