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Submit a New Report - Saving Graves Louisiana
Saving Graves - Louisiana

Cemetery Report Summary 2011 - Current and Archived Reports for Louisiana by parish.

Files available on wikispaces regarding cemetery preservation, restoration, historic preservation, cleaning headstones, repairing headstones, cemetery surveys, cemetery preservation planning, cemetery preservation resources etc.  After joining the wikispace, these files become available to you from the wiki.  These files are all available otherwise via the internet.

National Preservation Institute Calendar Explantion of Events, September 2008 - June 2009 Professional seminars in Historic Preservation and Cultural Resources Management

16653 Federal Register Vol. 73, No. 61 Friday, March 28, 2008 Notices Washington Parish Proposed Reservior, nine cemeteries affected

2008 Photo Louisiana State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors

2008 Cemeteryscape - Criteria, call for entries, Save Our Cemeteries 17th Annual Exhibit

Interim Calendar 2008 Louisiana Session - PDF file from Louisiana legislation 2008

New RS 2008 - Laws/Revised Statutes signed by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal in the 2008 session regarding cemeteries in Louisiana.

PDF - Acadia Parish Cemeteries - Acadia Genealogical and Historical Society Publications. Cemeteries around, Church Point, Rayne, Iota, Mermanteau, in several volumes.

Act423.pdf Louisiana Senate Bill 427, revision RS 8:304, relative to Louisiana cemeteries.

Act541.pdf Louisiana Senate Bill 339, revision RS 8:69.2, relative to Louisiana cemeteries.

Act600.pdf House Bill 928, RS 25:9.12 - RS 25:9.15, Creation of the Louisiana Historic Cemetery Register.

agenda_may_2008_la_house.pdf - Louisiana Legislature Agenda, search key word "cemetery"/"cemeteries.

Birch St. Helena Parish Louisiana - Saving Graves Report, Birch Cemetery, Darlington, St. Helena Parish, Louisiana.

Photograph, Breda Town Cemetery - Students working at Breda Town Cemetery, Natchitoches, Natchitoches, Louisiana. Masters of Arts Historic Resource Program.

Bluesman 'Gatemouth' Brown chased from Louisiana by Katrina, died in Texas, uprooted by Ike - By ALLEN G. BREED, AP National Writer

burial law.txt LOUISIANA ROOTS L, Clifton Cardin, Bossier Parish Historian, Date: Sunday, February 01, 1998 Regarding Louisiana 1853 Laws Cemetery Burials. (LOUISIANA ROOTS L archives are no longer on the web)

Cameron Parish Cemetery - Photograph St. Peter's Cemetery post Hurricane IKE 2008.

CDM Louisiana - Regarding Dwight Dunk preparation of Washington Parish Draft EIS (see March 2008 Federal Register)

Cemetery Preservation - A resource listing of cemetery preservation websites, associations, documents, books, and organziations.

Cemetery Analysis Worksheets - History Works Ohio, graphs and worksheet examples for cemetery analysis.

Cemetery Recon Inspection Checklist - Chicora Foundation, maintenance issue checklist, reporting form, identification of grounds, roads, burial sites, monuments, plaques, structures, drainage, utilities, ADA requirement met, overall conditions of safety.

Chicora Foundation - Cemetery Recording, identification, history and description.

Parish archivist finds old book of receipts St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana cemeteries, Wednesday, August 20, 2008, By Tara McLellan

Cemetery Preservation Guide - Louisiana's Living Traditions, Louisiana Folk Life, By Sheila Richmond.

Charity Hospital - Saving Graves Report, Charity Hospital, Orleans Parish, La.

Chevy_Chase.txt - Saving Graves Report, Chevy Chase Cemetery, Louisiana

Chicora%20Cemetery%20Qual%20Statement.pdf - Chicora Foundation Inc. - Cemetery preservaton plans, inventory and assessment, workshops, historical research, grave identification, archaeological investigations. - Saving Graves Report

Comments, pro and con, voiced on reservoir Daily News April 11, 2008 9 Washington Parish Cemeteries Relocation? - The Daily News, Washington Parish, Louisiana. Nine cemeteries affected.

conservation.pdf -

copper.pdf - Louisiana Cemetery Law 2008, Thefts from a cemetery yeild 5 years

Domestic Names Geographic Name Report - How USGS creates, changes, establishes, naming standards and a list of changes requested.

Faust Ouachita Parish Louisiana - Saving Graves Report, Faust Cemetery, Ouachita Parish, Louisiana

File List.txt - List of files available with summary.

file_list.txt - List of files available with summary.

file_list_updated.txt - List of files available with summary.

Fowler Jackson Parish Louisiana - Saving Graves Report, Fowler Cemetery, Jackson Parish, Louisiana.

Graceland_Cemetery-Rules_and_Regulations.pdf - Graceland Cemetery Rules and Regulations, Louisiana


HB1092.pdf - Louisiana Cemetery Laws 2008

HB1334.pdf - Louisiana Cemetery Laws 2008

HB928.pdf - Louisiana Cemetery Laws 2008

HLS183.pdf - Louisiana Cemetery Laws 2008

HLS183.txt - Louisiana Cemetery Laws 2008

HLS183_pg_01_of_04.txt - Louisiana Cemetery Laws 2008 text files

HLS183_pg_02_of_04.txt - Lousiana Cemetery Laws 2008 text files

HLS183_pg_03_of_04.txt - Louisiana Cemetery Laws 2008 text files

HLS183_pg_04_of_04.txt - Louisiana Cemetery Laws 2008 text files

Holt.txt - Saving Graves Report, Holt Cemtery, Louisiana

houmaliveoak.txt -

- Texas Historical Commission, Rescuing A Neglected Cemetery researching cemetery records, conducting a cemetery survey, designating a historic cemetery, taking action. 

Id Sheet - Chicora, identification reference sheet listing types of masonary, coping, fences, posts, vases, terminology, arches, brick work, monument forms, and coping posts. 

IndividualSurveyForm.pdf - Chicora, Individual cemetery marker description form. 



KatrinaMemorialTrifold.pdf - Hurricane Katrina Memorial Brochure

klfy10_cameron_calcasieu_update.txt - KLFY News Story Cameron and Calcasieu Parish Louisiana. 


la_cemlaw1.txt - Louisiana Cemetery Law text file

la_cemlaw2.txt - Louisiana Cemetery Law text file

la_cemlaws.txt - Louisiana Cemetery Law text file

Lea Washington Parish Louisiana - Saving Graves Report, Lea Cemetery, Richardson, Washington Parish, Louisiana

little_logo.gif - Wikispaces Logo

Louisiana Attorney General Contacts - Louisiana Attorney General Contacts text file


Madisonville.txt - Saving Graves Report, Madisonville, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana.

MApr15-17-2008.pdf - Louisiana State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors meeting minutes

MarkerTypeGuide.pdf - Cemetery Marker Guide

MDec-28-2007.pdf - Louisiana State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors meeting minutes



Mezpah_Baptist_Church.txt - Saving Graves Report

Michigan Historic Cemeteries Preservation Guide - Cemetery Preservation Guide from Michigan Historic Cemeteries PDF file

Mickens_Road.txt - Saving Graves Report, Mickens Road Cemetery,

MJan-17-18-2008.pdf - Louisiana State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors meeting minutes

MJuly24-25-2007.pdf - Louisiana State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors meeting minutes

MJune252008.pdf - Louisiana State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors meeting minutes

MMar5-6-2008.pdf - Louisiana State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors meeting minutes

MMay14.15.2008.pdf - Louisiana State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors meeting minutes

MNov-29-30-2007.pdf - Louisiana State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors meeting minutes

MOct-24-25-2007.pdf - Louisiana State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors meeting minutes

Monument%20Fragment%20and%20Removal%20Record.pdf - Cemetery Headstone Restoration, Monument fragments RECORD



MSept-5-6-2007.pdf - Louisiana State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors meeting minutes

municipal_directory.pdf - Louisiana Municipal Directory, Police Jurors of Louisiana


New_Testiment_Church.txt - Saving Graves Report

Nick_Wax.txt - Saving Graves Report

Oakland Comes to Life Flyer.pdf - Oakland Cemetery November 2, 2008 Events

oldliveoak_trustee.jpg Old Live Oak Cemetery Trustee Photograph Hurricane IKE/GUSTAV

ouichita.pdf - Saving Graves Report


Pine_Park_Town_of_Vivian_Caddo_Parish.txt - Vivan, Louisiana, Pine Park Cemetery

Preservation Hotline #6 South Carolina Archives & History - Frequently asked questions about cemetery preservation: What is the best way to start a cemetery restoration project? How should I clean gravestones? How do I repair gravestones? How can I discourage vandalism? 

print_directory.pdf - Louisiana Directory Address Contact Information Parishes


pro_pol_pro.pdf - US Board on Geographic Names. 

rapidesparish.txt -

rapidesparish2.txt -

Repair.pdf - South Carolina, Protecting and Repairing Historic Cemeteries. - Repairing headstones

restting.pdf - Chicora, Resetting headstones and monuments

SecuringPlotGates.pdf - Chicora

Shows.txt - Saving Graves Report

somerights20.png - Creative Commons PNG

SSB 339, HB 928, HB 1092, HB 1334 REGARDING CEMETERIES.txt - 2008 Louisiana Cemetery Laws, Creation of Louisiana Historic Cemetery Register, April 2009 study

St._Louis_1.txt - Saving Graves Report

Starkey.txt - Saving Graves Report


StPeterHackberry_ike.bmp - Photo St. Peter's Catholic Church Cemetery after Hurricane IKE 2008


usgsla.htm - Louisiana Cemeteries USGS

Vandalism.pdf - Chicora, damage reporting form. - Vandalism in cemeteries



wafb_archive_cemetery.txt - WAFB News stories excerpts about cemeteries in Louisiana text file

wdsu_cemetery_archive.pdf - WDSU News stories excerpts about cemteries in Louisiana PDF file

wdsu_cemetery_archive.txt - WSDU News stories excerpts about cemteries in Lousiana text file

What Is the Significance of “Is”?, by Ryan M. Seidemann - Indian burial grounds, Ryan M. Seidemann, Lousiana

Will_Restor.jpg - PHOTO, Washington Parish, Louisiana

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  • Cultural Expressions of Nature in Sacred Contexts:Documentation of Family & Community Cemeteries, in Roanoke County, Virginia, by Thomas S. Klatka, Roanoke Regional Preservation Office, Virginia Department of Historic Resources, c. 2000

  • National Register of Historic Places | Historic Properties | Historic Preservation of Arkansas landmarks and Main Street Arkansas through programs & grants - Arkansas Historic Preservation programs include financial tax incentives, historical restoration grants and conservation easements; National Register of Historic Places of Arkansas landmarks, property renovation and walking tours; antebellum cotton plantation virtual tour, Civil War battlefield updates, Main Street Arkansas downtown revitalization

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  • The Center for Historic Cemeteries Preservation promotes the study, documentation and preservation of historical burial sites in the southeastern United States and the Caribbean. CHCP provides workshops, publications, education programs and consulting services to assist individuals, agencies and organizations with cemetery studies and restoration efforts. CHCP also does restoration project management in association with conservators and artisans who are skilled in the treatments required for cemetery preservation.

  • Cemetery Preservation - Find A Grave Forums

  • Genealogy Review - Cemetery Preservation

  • The Center for Historic Cemeteries Preservation

  • Federal Laws and Acts Protecting Burial Sites - from Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission

  • Tools for Cemetery Documentation - From Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission

  • Guidelines for Preservation Planning for Historic Burial Grounds and Cemeteries

  • Guidelines for Treatment of Cemetery Components

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  • *New Link -The Law and American Indian burialprotections--louisiana laws - Indian Burial and Sacred Grounds Watch page on Louisiana state law and American Indian burial protections.

  • *New Link- Preserve America Community: Natchitoches, Louisiana - Preserve America Community: Natchitoches, Louisiana

  • *New Link-Cemetery Preservation Guide - Louisiana's Living Traditions, by Sheila Richmond
    Comprehensive guidelines on cemetery preservation. Learn about dos and don'ts.

  • New Orleans Cemeteries
    This site contains thousands of photos from every cemetery in New Orleans as well as information on types of graves, symbols and history.

  • *New link - Graceland Cemetery Association - Rules & Regulations
    Rules and regulations of the Graceland Cemetery, Abbeville, Louisiana.

  • *New link - Fenton Cemetery

  • Welcome to Funeral and Cemetery Info - Resources

  • *New link - Kinder McRill Memorial Cemetery of Kinder, Allen Parish, Louisiana - Genealogy, History, and Veterans
    Kinder, Louisiana Cemetery- History and burial information: listing of veterans burials of all American wars.

  • *New link - Kinder Cemetery Association

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