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Saving Graves
How to submit a cemetery report START HERE CEMETERY REPORTS
Murphey Cemetery Acadia Parish 08/15/08 Acadia
Sweet Olive Cemetery Baton Rouge 01/20/09 Baton Rouge
Carter Cemetery Beauregard Parish 09/01/06 Beauregard
Durden Cemetery - Bossier Parish 06/13/10 Bossier
UNKNOWN - Bossier Parish 06/13/10 Bossier
Shows Cemetery Caddo Parish 04/16/01 Caddo
Caddo Parish, Shreveport, Historical Jewish Cemetery Desecrated 05/22/10 Caddo
Mezpah Baptist Church Cemetery Caldwell Parish 07/24/01 Caldwell
First Cemetery Cameron Parish 12/09/10 Cameron
Blythe Cemetery - Catahoula Parish 10/17/09 Catahoula
Unknown Private Cemetery Catahoula Parish 04/27/10 Catahoula
Carter Cemetery - Claiborne Parish 04/27/10 Clairborne
Chevy Chase Cemetery Concordia Parish 09/01/00 Concordia
Old Gravel Point - DeSoto Parish Restored 01/19/11 DeSoto
Nick Wax Cemetery East Baton Rouge Parish 07/05/00 East Baton Rouge
Mickens Road Cemetery East Baton Rouge Parish 07/05/00 East Baton Rouge
Old Reagan Cemetery - Franklin Parish 26 August 2010 09/19/10 Franklin
Joseph Jenkins Cemetery Iberia Parish 05/06/09 Iberia
Vernon Cemetery Jackson Parish 04/12/01 Jackson
Fowler Cemetery Jackson Parish 12/23/01 Jackson
Lopez Cemetery - Jefferson Davis Parish 02/22/10 Jefferson Davis
Lopez Family Cemetery Jefferson Davis Parish 04/27/10 Jefferson Davis
St. Lukes - Little Zion - Cleona Plantation - Lafourche Parish 08/08/08 Lafourche
New Testament Church Cemetery Livingston Parish 09/11/05 Livingston
Various Cemeteries Morehouse Parish 03/30/08 Morehouse
Jewish cemetery - Natchitoches Parish 07/12/08 Natchitoches
Saint Louis #1 Orleans Parish 10/29/00 Orleans
Holt Cemetery Orleans Parish 01/05/01 Orleans
Charity Hospital Cemetery Orleans Parish 02/29/04 Orleans
Holt Cemetery - Orleans Parish 06/30/08 Orleans
Holt Cemetery Orleans Parish 04/27/10 Orleans
Holt Cemetery Orleans Parish August 23, 2010 08/31/10 Orleans
Twin Cities Memorial Gardens Ouachita Parish Monroe 11/30/99 Ouachita
Nash Cemetery Ouachita Parish 11/18/08 Ouachita
Faust Cemetery - Ouachita Parish 04/25/10 Ouachita
Old City Cemetery - Ouachita Parish 12/31/10 Ouachita
J. S. Clark cemetery - Ouachita Parish 01/19/11 Ouachita
Faust Cemetery Ouachita Parish - updated 07/25/2000-01/25/2011 Ouachita
Old Gwinn Cemetery Dehlco Richaland Parish 02/09/09 Richland
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church - Sabine Parish 01/19/09 Sabine
Garden of the Pines, Covington Cemetery, or Wilson Cemetery east and west St. Tammany Parish 04/05/08 St. Bernard
St Bernard Memorial Gardens - Thefts - St. Bernard Parish 04/09/08 St. Bernard
St. Bernard Memorial Gardens St. Bernard Parish 04/09/08 St. Bernard
Shell Mound Cemetery - St Charles Parish 05/02/10 St. Charles
Birch Cemetery St. Helena Parish 03/04/01 St. Helena
Youngblood Cemetery - St. Helena Parish 01/02/11 St. Helena
St. Michael Cemetery St. Martin Parish 05/28/08 St. Martin
Rose Hill - Iberia Parish - Formerly St. Martin Parish 06/01/08 St. Martin
St. Michaels Cemetery - St. Martin Parish 12/30/10 St. Martin
Madisonville St. Tammany Parish 11/13/00 St. Tammany
Starkey Cemetery Tangipahoa Parish 03/01/02 Tangipahoa
Colonial Cemetery Tangipahoa Parish 03/21/08 Tangipahoa
Alphenia Plantation - Bowman Family Cemetery Tensas Parish 04/27/10 Tensas
Jordan Family Cemetery - Union Parish 01/20/11 Union
Frederick Cemetery Vermilion Parish 12/01/09 Vermilion
Lea Cemetery Washington Parish 05/06/01 Washington
Nine Cemeteries Endangered Washington Parish 07/14/08 Washington
Silvery and Westover Plantation - West Baton Rouge Parish 06/15/10 West Baton Rouge
Mcgaha Cemetery - West Carroll Parish 01/26/10 West Carroll
Locust Grove Cemetery - West Feliciana Parish 01/15/11 West Feleciana

Last Updated January 26, 2011

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